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We're bringing all Amazon sellers our very own brand of software which will drastically cut down the time taken to prep and ship FBA inventory.

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We're very excited to introduce to all FBA sellers, a software application that has been developed and tested within our own FBA prep center, an application that allows you to label items and boxes as you pack them and which keeps track of the contents in each box. Confidently fill and tape up one box before moving onto the next and save many hours on each shipment.

Some of the planned features


A Web Application

We plan on offering a web hosted application which means you'll be able to use any device you like on any format you like, even a mobile phone or tablet. It also means you'll be able to close the application and pick up where you left off on a different device. 


Label As You Pack

If you have a thermal label printer, our software will connect to it and allow you to print an item's FNSKU label right before placing it in a box. This will save significant time for those sellers who source many different SKUs but in low quantities per SKU or generally if the shipment consists of multiple SKUs per box.


Box Content Tracking

No making notes on the side of each box, no manual data entry into a spread sheet and no losing count as you pack. Save even more time by not trying to recover from silly mistakes. Chose between either printing the FBA box label on the fly or a 2D barcode.


Use A Barcode Scanner

The application has been designed to work best with a barcode reader as it cuts out any need to use a keyboard and mouse while you're packing, although it's possible not to use one.

Apex FBA box loader screen shot

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